Web Design Process

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content/layout is unattractive. (Adobe)



    The first step is to ask the right questions and listen. We like to get a broad background of the business, its history, the clients and the future goals before we aim to create a plan of action. Once we've got some knowledge of the business, we produce a creative brief with the functionality specifications of the site. It's key to understand what sets the business aside from the rest, what the target market seeks and then we can create a pinpoint plan.


    Using the creative brief and the existing company branding (if available), we then concentrate on creating an initial concept within 3-5 working days. From this we can then work together to produce the desired final design.


    Once the design is approve by the client, we start to develop the site (which usually takes around 5 business days). From here, we'll begin to upload content onto the site and build any functionality that needs to be implemented before the latter stages of testing and going live. If the client needs help in creating content for the site, we offer a copywriting service that where we can create the copy from scratch or edit an existing copy.

  • 4. DEPLOY

    As soon as every aspect of the site is complete and tested we then look to deploy the site. If the site is taking over from an existing site then there are SEO implication we have to resolve, ensuring old links redirect to the new etc.
    Once the site is live we keep an eye on rankings and compare analytics from the previous site. Anywhere we see any negative responses, we will look to resolve.

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