4 Common Mistakes Made in Web Design

4 Common Mistakes Made in Web Design

The design of your website is as crucial to your business as is the content that is included on your website.

Web design usually receives mixed opinions on what is good or bad design usually because it can be subjective. However, some may believe that having a sleek, modern, up to date website is what constitutes a good website design, whereas others will prefer a muted down version of the former, and something simple will work just as well. Website design preference will often vary depending on the particular industry or business, sometimes on which web design is trending, but neither of these designs is wrong, or bad.

What elements¬†are considered ‘wrong’ in website design?

Small font sizes

Of the most common factors of bad web design is using a font size that is too small. This could cause all of that well thought out content will be indistinguishable and difficult to read.

This is often the case as previously websites would have had a standard font setting of roughly 12px. However, this font size was impossible to read online. An ideal font size is between 15px and 20px for the main body of the site. However, for headings and titles, the font must be larger.

Low contrasting fonts

Accompanying the font size, another mistake is the colour that businesses choose does not contrast with the site background. Common colours for fonts that will stand out against most backgrounds, and the safest options, are black, white, and grey.

Lacking use of accent colours

Accent colours are great to adopt when needing to shift your audiences’ focus to your call to action buttons on your website. You will want them to be able to identify which of the buttons they need to click. If they spend a long time looking for these certain buttons, it may drive them away from your website. Accent colours should be bold and eye-catching.

Long text line

Having a long line of text may seem daunting to your audience. The lengthiness of it could be rather intimidating to read online and they may not even want to read initially. Even though your website will likely be viewed on many different devices, you may want to apply a limit of width to your text line.

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