5 Tips To Improve Your Ecommerce

Improve Ecommerce

You may have invested a lot of money in a shiny new online shop but have yet to see any real traffic and sales. Maybe you have an existing trusty eCommerce website but its traffic and sales are starting to drop.

Here are 5 tips to help attract and keep shoppers on your website.

  1. Use Social Media to bring customers in. If you haven’t already, create profiles on all the relevant Social Media Platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc Once you have the branded profiles created, make sure you add interesting and appropriate content regularly. Remember the more people comment, like and share your content the more people will see your brand. However, don’t just post funny interesting things remember to post more sales orientated messages about 20% of the time. Messages such as product promotions, sales, and new products that link through to your website.
  2. Content is King! Although good content doesn’t cost you money it does cost you time. Content Marketing works when you understand your customers and attention is given to creativity & writing. Remember to focus each piece of content on a specific keyword/s that will drive traffic to your site and to specific products. If you know your customers are searching for the word Pink Handbags then create an article around Pink Handbags. Having trouble coming up with ideas? Have a think about what your customers would find interesting, what questions you normally get asked by customers and last but not least have a look at your competition. This may yield enough content for several entries!
  3. Build relationships with your customers. You may think this is impossible if you have hundreds or thousands of virtual customers, however, there are tools to help. Remember, your customers can tell you why your site works – or doesn’t work. Contact them directly via email using sites such as mailchimp.com for feedback and suggestions. You can also create surveys with sites like SurveyMonkey.com, which require only a few clicks. Make sure you ask specific questions that are easy to answer, such as “what’s your favourite thing about our store?” or “what would you like to see on our online store?” Always remember to thank them for their input and maybe reward them with a discount voucher for their next purchase.
  4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is key. Most people search for products by using Google. there are a few ways to get on the first page of Google but you can split them into two types 1. Paid and 2. Organic. SEO is all about the latter, ensuring your site comes up in the first few organic places in the 1-10 listings.  SEO can be seen as a complicated game but it basically boils down to three things, 1. Great content 2. Show Google your site is popular and trustworthy by getting as many quality and relevant websites to link to yours. 3. Great User Experience with a quick easy to use sites on all devices. There are many SEO companies that will try underhand techniques to artificially please search engines, however, Google is getting more and more intelligent in the way they rank websites, with their latest algorithm, Maccabees, penalising doorway pages. Therefore do not think there is a quick fix and concentrate on Content and Sharing.
  5. Google Adwords is a Quick Fix. Google Adwords offers an instant route to the market. Obviously, this does come at a cost so when you are setting up the Adwords you have to remember your profit margin and be realistic about the conversion rate when setting your maximum cost per click. First, do your homework regarding your daily and overall budget, analytics and location targeting. Most importantly invest time so that you create individual ads for each specific search term. This way you can tailor the advert to contain that specific search term. Google will not only rank Google ads based upon the amount of money you are prepared to pay but also the relevancy of the advert.

We hope these tips will help a little towards making your Online Shop a success!

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