The benefits of email marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing has long been a successful means of advertising used by thousands of businesses, both small and large.

Email Marketing

This method may be unfamiliar to some, thus leading them to not be able to comprehend its popularity with companies across different industrial fields.
Here are ten reasons why email marketing is quite a popular tool amongst businesses:

1. Less cost

The most obvious reason of the ten is that it’s a cheap alternative in comparison to mainstream marketing as there isn’t any extra cost for print and postage.
Again, no charges are needed for any exposure as all of the marketing is done digitally.
Some email marketers may consider the option of obtaining a software that can automate emails, track and evaluate them.
There will be a small charge for sending out so many emails at the same time, but it is considerably less that what would be expected using other marketing approaches.

2. Target your consumers

Email marketing is the only advertisement that is actually asked to be received: the majority of businesses only sending out emails to people who have signed up to receive the emails.
The is beneficial for allowing a much higher conversion rate because the senders have targeted consumers who are interested in the business already.
Sending emails to consumers who haven’t asked for email marketing may lead to annoyance and a damaged brand persona.


Another element of email marketing is the opportunity to send out emails to your business’s subscribers that met a specific criteria.
This is called segmentation. by segmenting your email list into clients, suppliers, contacts etc. you can specify where your emails are going.
Segmenting is a great way for a business to obtain information about subscribers, as studies have shown marketers who use this particular method have gained more engagement.

4. Calls to action

Email marketing is a brilliant way for taking advantage of impulse buying, and because of the simplicity that allows consumers to click a couple buttons to view a product and buy it, the temptation is difficult to resist.
An effective call to action, with a provided link to the checkout, means that email newsletters have the ability to push sales, unlike any other method.

5. Simple to create

It’s a simple process to create an email and ensure the desired content is there.
For added flair, email campaigns can have decorative templates, added images and so forth, however, sometimes the plain campaigns drive the most sales, as there is less distraction from what is trying to be sold.

6. Simple tracking

A majority of software available for email marketing purposes allow you to track open, click-through and conversion rates, giving you the opportunity to see if and how your campaign can be improved.
Changes can be conducted swiftly, whereas in printed errors would require more time and money to alter.

7. Sharing

Sharing fantastic offers and ideas is simple with today’s technology with a click of a button, which is why email marketing it so effective and is popular among businesses because the content they send out can spread easily.

8. Global

Again, email marketing trumps other methods because of its global scale.
Of course, social media is an option although there isn’t proof on who is reading your content, or if they are.

9. Immediacy

You’ll be able to see almost instant results within a few minutes of the email being sent, because of the immediate nature of emails.
One of the most common sales used in emails are 24-hour sales, having a set end of the offer pushes the consumers to take action before the offer is no more.

10. Return on investment

Email marketing has a spectacular return on investment.
During 2011, the Digital Marketing Association made an estimate on the returns of email marketing, typically returning forty pounds for every pound that is invested.
Many sources have tipped that email marketing is the best platform.

Email marketing has proved both successful and efficient, and we recommend it be utilised to gain more engagement for your business.

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