Improve your Google search rankings

Improve your Google search rankings

There should be a strategy in place to boost a website’s search rankings in Google.

Implementing SEO into your marketing strategy is an extremely effective way of increasing a business’ rankings on search engines. Below are some tips that can aid in the improvement of the position of your website in search engine results on Google.

Point links towards your website

One of the main factors that contribute towards a website being regarded as important is the amount of links that are pointing towards that page. As an example, if a website’s page has fifty links directing towards it, it will be ranked higher than a website that only has fifteen links.

Title tag

Google is partial to a good title tag (the text between the HTML <TITLE> tags in the <HEAD> section of the web page.) Ensure that your title tag is containing relevant keywords which people will be using when searching for your website.


Ensure to include keywords that you know your target audience will be searching for to find the website, other than in the website title.

Search engines will be picking up the exact phrases and keywords that are included on web pages, and then showing relevant pages in accordance with what somebody has searched. Thus why it is important to list a set of keywords a business wants their website to be ranked and recognised for and then include them in their web page(s).

Links and words

If the links that lead through to your website contain words, search engines will regard those words as another indication for the content that is featured on your page. A link with the text ‘Online Marketing’ directed towards a business’ website will lead to Google thinking the website is relevant when somebody searches for ‘online marketing’.


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