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If you’ve built up a mass of followers on your social media accounts across the different social networks, it may have crossed your mind if and how you can get your social media audience into one of your physical stores.

The answer is yes, you can.

Social media marketing is not limited to businesses that solely operate online; it also holds value to businesses with a physical presence. Businesses that have a physical store often tend to use their social media profiles to drive traffic to their websites, thus prompting customers to make a purchase along with informing them about the brand.

Unbeknownst to many, this isn’t the sole use of social media marketing. It is, in fact, possible and incredibly valuable to use social media to guide your audience to the physical store rather than the online store.

Here’s how:


Advertise discounts only redeemable in store

If you’re looking for an effective way to draw your social media audience in-store, this is it. Imagine for a moment your store sells beverages, and you’re promoting a brand new product on Twitter – you could apply a promotion of “those who mention this tweet will receive x amount off their next order”, alongside an image that your consumers can show a cashier upon their next purchase.

What is important here is to clearly differentiate this promotion from your regular online discount strategies, such as using discount codes upon checkout. A way of funneling users is to make the deal exclusively redeemable in your physical store and not online.


Play host to a special event

It is important to remember that what you are hosting will be based on your core demographics. If your audience is mainly young, you may want to host a small, live concert, or display art pieces. Alternatively, if you have a mature audience, it could be worthwhile to host a networking event or even invite an entrepreneur to make a speech.

After you have decided on an event, it is down to you to promote it well in advance of its date,  in-store and online.


Attend local events and use its hashtag

Your location may not be suitable for an event, which is no problem as you always have the opportunity to attend another event. Setting up a booth at trade shows or well-known events relevant to your industry is a brilliant way to promote your brand.

Make sure you are using the relevant hashtags, plus linking to your site and social media profiles!


Post images of your physical store

An influx of text posts can lead your followers to believe that social media is the only place you are active. Break up the text posts by posting images relevant to the brand and photos of your physical store; new stock, professional shots and even fun shots that followers will find entertaining.


Show employees’ personalities

There’s no question about people wanting to see who’s who in a business which is why it is a great idea to show your team having fun working on social media, or make profile posts of each employee.

Another great way to increase foot traffic is to allow employees to post for the brand, thus you are giving your followers a peek at the types of people that are a part of the brand’s foundation.


Encourage social reviews

This approach involves you making the most of those who have already visited you. Display signs in store encouraging customers to post images of their purchases and share their experiences.

You can also use this approach online to request customers to share recent in-store purchases and thank those that leave you nice comments. Ensure posts fit with the style of your brand and phrasing is original.


Share and engage

Sharing customer posts can boost brand awareness and increase loyalty. If one of your customers posts something positive about your physical location, share the post or thank them for the kind review. If you engage with your customers online, you will be creating a sense of community and strengthening the bond between brand and customers. These posts will highlight the benefits of visiting the store and provide social proof that it’s a great option for customers.

Foot traffic is incredibly valuable for local businesses because it lends itself to even more word-of-mouth reviews and greater volumes of returning visitors.  This does not mean you should forget the initial strategy of directing people to your website, but you should make sure that the website and in-store activity is married together. An example of this could be to integrate your Instagram feed on the website and ensure you post content from your store.

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