Why should you invest in social media?

Why should you invest in social media?

Even though we are in the digital age, many people still wonder why it is important to have a presence online.

They may wonder how it can help their business or brand and why they should bother to invest time and money into social media. So we decided to compile a list to decipher why you should be dedicating some time to getting your message across clear and concisely on social media platforms.

  • Presence
    Being on various social media platforms can be strenuous at times but it allows your brand to have a presence online. It enables potential customers to be able to research your brand and consume your product. Just think of how many times you may have googled a company to see what their online presence was like. Would a poor looking website or a lack of social media potentially put you off from working with that brand or from consuming their product? Avoid that instant prejudice by simply having a Facebook and/or a Twitter Page. As discussed in a previous blog post, it isn’t necessary to have a website but social media will have numerous benefits to help you to build up a small company and to make people aware of it.
  • Relationship
    Now you have those social media platforms and you have built up a presence, you will be able to build a relationship with your audience. Whether this is to rapidly answer a query they may have or to share a meme is up to you. Just ensure you engage, let them see what you are about as a brand and have a personality. However, always maintain an air of professionalism, as it may take time to build up a good reputation but it takes seconds to gain a bad reputation.
  • No Confusion
    By having a strategy in place as to how much time you are going to assert to online marketing and that the frequency of posts is consistent, you will be able to see results quickly. It will also help to ensure your message is clear and concise to your audience, ensuring there is a lack of confusion and allowing the audience to know what to come to you for.

Investing in social media will allow any business to have an online presence, as long as time or money are invested within it and the pointers above are followed.

So what are you waiting for? We will see you on Facebook!

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