Researching Facebook Competition

Facebook Competition

If you’re wondering how your competitors are gaining so much reach and engagement on their Facebook page, maybe considering evaluating their posts and taking information from that would help your business page obtain a similar amount of reach.

1. Pages to Watch

An area in Facebook insights allows you to carry out some sleuthing with a ‘Pages to Watch’ section.
Those pages you chose to watch won’t know who is watching them, they will only get a notification of ‘someone’ putting them on their ‘Pages to Watch’ list.

By selecting the ‘Overview’ option on the ‘Insights’ area, you can scroll until you find ‘Pages to Watch’ and add those you’d like to take post inspiration from.
It’s a good idea to add pages that get quite a lot of engagement also, so you can note the content that is posted, the best times of day to post etc.

2. Post planner

Post planner is a great tool that will cleverly discover which photo has had the most engagement ever on any page chosen.
The best thing about this is that you will be able to share the photo that has the most engagement, onto your page – although, it might be unwise to do this if it is directly from one of your competitor’s pages.

3. AgoraPulse

This cheap tool will be another great way of seeing what is and isn’t working on other pages.
You’ll be able to monitor a number of competitors and view the type of engagement they get.
Utilise this tool to keep a close watch on your competitor’s pages.

4. Simply Measured

Simply Measured is a brilliant tool that feeds you free reports and helps analyse your competitors and on various social media sites, such as Twitter, Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn and Vine.

Simply Measured compares content from the last few weeks between you and your competitors.

Lastly, analysing your competition doesn’t have to be done on a frequent basis – it can be done whenever your business is in need of inspiration for some content ideas, but ensure that your keep to your USP and individual brand persona.

Do you use tools for monitoring businesses?
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