Building transparency into your brand’s Twitter

Twitter Transparency

Delving into social media and tackling it the right way is quite a difficult job, with balancing the posts that are sent out and making sure you are not over-communicating or under-communicating.

An aspect of communication on Twitter should value your brand’s honesty – dealing with clients how you would in real life, as you do on your social media networks.
Honesty, when being applied to your business brand, is in the form of transparency.

Following back

Communicating on Twitter should be a two-way thing. Following people who talk about your business and have similar interests with your brand, then you can interact with your audience.
The chances are that if your brand has been mentioned once, it will be mentioned again.


It is likely that you’ll have a team focusing on your brand’s social media, so advise them to not ignore followers when they are asking a question.
Replies should be acknowledged at all times, especially if it’s a bad customer review¬†as no reply could reflect badly on your business.

Reveal yourself

Dealing with a faceless organisation doesn’t invoke much trust between a business and its clients.
A way to deal with this is by using an employees face, rather than a logo as the avatar; from time to time post images of the team onto the Twitter pages; and you can select certain members of your team to deal with the social media to represent your brand on the social network.

Acknowledge your mistakes

It’s quite professional to acknowledge our mistakes and apologise for them.
If you are openly admitting mistakes that you may have made and are admitting your business may still be a working progress, is more likely to get your customers to trust you.

Building your business’s transparency for your Twitter marketing strategy is only beneficial for the growth of your business online, if you execute it in the correct way.
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Building transparency into your brand's Twitter 1
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