5 ways your employees can improve your online marketing

5 ways your employees can improve your online marketing

There is a lot of data floating around the internet that tells us quality content is what drives search results. However, not all businesses are taking full advantage of this opportunity. Some businesses will be paying for ‘search only’ content, which is not fit for human consumption (so to speak!). These are ‘technical’ posts designed with one goal: getting ranked higher in searches.

Businesses that are producing ‘search-only’ content aren’t creating content written by humans for humans, and part of that issue is because vendors don’t have the ability to provide that. But there is some power within all organisations that acts as the solution to this particular issue.

Crowd sourcing your content is the fastest, most efficient way to deliver quality content to your customers and prospects, alongside providing authoritative content for search engines. Content created by your employees is the best source for quality and trustworthiness. They are, after all, spending 8+ hours of their day working for the company; this should give them some insight into what customers want and need to know about the company.

Personal stories

Stories hold an emotional resonance with customers which will ultimately boost the likability of the organisation. Some ideas for personal stories could be how your employees chose their career or what they most like about their job.

Evidence of good customer experience

What creates good customer experience is how your business is spoken about online. Customers are inclined to share their experiences with one another through social-sharing platforms such as Google, Facebook and Yelp. Your employees’ experiences come into play here as they are interacting closely with your customers nearly every day. Capturing these moments is proof of where good customer experience lies.


When seeking reliable information, customers are more likely to trust those that are most like themselves, and are relatable. This is why social media and other online ratings have such an impact on consumer buying decisions.

Employees are the beta testers

Regardless of whether your business is new or has been around for a while, it’s likely that you’ll have developed new products and services within your company. Your employees serve as ‘beta testers’ to work out the flaws in everyday conditions, thus learning more about what they are selling and sharing this with your consumers.

Brand advocates

Your employees are essentially your brand advocates. They are your public supporters both offline and online. Their personal brand could also be intertwined with the company brand. This will have to start with a culture that welcomes employees as social media superstars and brand ambassadors.

Employees are the key to online marketing success. However, employee-generated content isn’t something that is easily put into action. Even so, the rewards are plentiful.

5 ways your employees can improve your online marketing 1
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