Fastest-growing social media platforms

Fastest-growing social media platforms

It had been clarified earlier on in the year that Instagram was the fastest-growing social platform. Nearing the end of the year the tables have turned, and now it’s Tumblr and Pinterest that are proudly taking the top spots.

Active users on Tumblr grew by 120% in the last six months, in comparison to Facebook’s active users growing by just 2%, recent stats confirmed.
Pinterest’s active users followed closely behind with 111% growth, these users admitting to using the site now on a regular basis.
Instagram comes in third place after its former top rank, and Facebook finishes last behind LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and Google+.

However, these figures only refer to the growth of active social media users, meaning Tumblr is currently in eighth place for overall. It is Facebook that is leading in terms of popularity.

Regarding the growth of mobile apps, Snapchat saw the most: a 56% increase from the past six months.
Facebook messenger followed up, an unsurprising result as the companion app is more or less a compulsory download.
Next followed Instagram, then Line, Pinterest, Kakao Talk and lastly, Vine.

Notes have said that Facebook is due for some major challenges as it moves forward as it has claimed that its users are beginning to grow bored with the platform.
50% of the UK population are using it less that they used to and with the social media scene being ever-saturating, its popularity could be failing.

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