Improve Your Market Research Using Social Media

Improve Your Market Research Using Social Media

The tactics behind running any type of customer-fed business is to have an understanding of the target market.

A target market can adapt to the varied market changes and with this, it is becoming more of a challenge to complete the process easily.

However, social media presents a brilliant range of tools that are directly beneath our fingertips – we just need to grasp the correct way of using them.

Having knowledge of analytics is something and acquire a reputable social media presence is another thing though it is possible that some may not have an understanding of how to use those things to research and develop a sales structure.

With the correct knowledge, you will be able to turn market research into an essential tool that doesn’t demand a lot of your time or cost. The below tips are a sure-fire way to help you utilise your social media to optimise you market research aims!

The platform

Presuming your business caters to a specific target audience or demographic, there is a high chance that there will always be one social network that has more focus than others.

You will need to do your research to determine which platform is worth spending more time on. For example, Facebook possesses many different arms of communication with their own patrons.

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What’s trending?

Topics that are trending are essential for market research as they are what drives people to any given product. Finding the parallels between different trends, then progressing to finding similarities and differences between them will help you build a cross-section of their audience and further develop an understanding of what they do and do not respond to.

Something to do is to track trending hashtags, watching as new key tags pop up and old ones disappear back into the Internet. You can easily justify how to communicate with your audience when you learn what they are responsive to.

Watch your language

Now that you are acquiring a better understanding of your target market, you can now plan how to communicate with them effectively. Similar to how different demographics favour varied platforms, you will be taking a different approach to how you communicate with your audience based upon their age, location and other parameters.

Be sure to take notice of the keywords and phrases that are used on social media, along with post structures. From this, you can learn how to structure your own posts.


We understand that market research is important however, it doesn’t take up too much time. It is handy to plan around the remainder of your schedule in such a way that you will be spending less than 1 hour each day on your research.

There’s a diverse range of analytics tools online that can be utilised to collect  and collate social media statistics.

Furthermore, ensure that you maintain a consistent presence across social media platforms as this could be worked to your advantage; take information from when you are checking your traffic and user engagement and find contrasts and correlations between previous information. You could also try out new things to observe how they land.

Remember that social media is constantly changing thus you will need to keep up with it.

Social media management can be a brilliant alternative if you do not have the time to manage your social profiles!

Improve Your Market Research Using Social Media 2
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