SEO for mobile

SEO for Mobile

With businesses striving to rank high in Google’s results, the demand is equally as high to have a mobile-friendly website, as they are more prominent in Google’s search results.

Google has made it evident that it strives for exceptional customer experience, and because of the high usage of mobile devices in comparison to desktops, mobile-friendly websites are topping the charts.

Google has developed a mobile-friendly icon which appears next to certain search results on mobile devices. Its purpose is to alert mobile web users to a mobile-friendly website. Essentially, this grey icon drives more traffic to mobile-friendly websites, as the user knows they would have a better experience.

Mobile vs. Desktop

A survey conducted on web use on both mobile devices and on a desktop resulted with a majority of the asked consumers saying they multiscreen.
Meaning that a variety of devices are each being used by the same visitor on the same websites, which is why it is vital to provide a consistent experience across multiple devices.

Mobile site (left) paired with a standard site (right), both viewed on a mobile device
Mobile site (left) paired with a standard site (right), both viewed on a mobile device

As pictured above, on the right, the standard website accessed on a mobile is quite inappropriate for a customer.
There is a large amount of information that is almost impossible to view because of the small font – even if consumers can zoom in and out, the effort is very trying and makes the site difficult to navigate.
The left screenshot would be the more desired viewing consumers would choose; it’s navigational-friendly, the font is clear and easy to read, and it has all fo the navigational buttons the standard, desktop website would.

The key is to provide an optimal viewing experience for consumers across all social media devices and give them an easily navigational, readable website, limiting the amount of resizing and scrolling that has to be done to view your website’s content.

Mobile traffic is on the constant rise and Google is taking steps to encourage businesses to make their websites mobile-friendly.
Considering user quality experience, it seems the only thing left to do is to give your business a mobile-friendly site.

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