SEO tips for 2015

SEO tips for 2015

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is constantly changing, with new updates being released, different trends, strategies etc. it’s evolving; this year Google’s algorithms have updated multiple times.

To keep up with all of the updates and transformations, business SEO efforts may need to be altered:

Optimise for mobile traffic

Mobile traffic has evolved and exceeded desktop traffic by a vast amount, and Google has repeatedly encouraged responsive websites, as they provide the best user experience.
Google has recently started to notify its users if a site is mobile friendly, when they are searching via a mobile device.

Google offers a test to check if your website is mobile-friendly.

Yahoo and Bing

Firefox ended its relationship with Google and taken Yahoo aboard as its default browser.
Google’s deal with Safari will have run its course next year also, and reports have suspected that Yahoo and Bing will be attempting to secure a spot.

As other search engines are becoming options other than Google, it will bear useful to optimise your site to be accessible and visible across these search engines.

Focused social media approach

Social media has become as much as a marketing platform as a customer-service based channel.
We’ve previously mentioned that social media is vital for a brand, it builds and mould a personality that customers can come to trust.

An effective way to make the most of social media is to remain focused on just two to three social platforms to maintain an active presence.
From there, more leads can be acquired, along with sales and revenue, thus increasing follows and likes that are more willing to share your content.

Be precise

Usually, broad keywords are targeted because they offer a larger search volume, however they don’t attract highly targeted traffic.
If a business looks into which keywords earn the most traffic, and an understanding is settled, it will be much simpler to use precise keywords and search phrases in order to gain the desired customer that is needed.

Do you see SEO changes next year?
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