SME Social Media

The Top 3 Benefits of Social Media an SME Should Know

Time and time again, we are asked why a business, especially an SME, needs Social Media Marketing. There are numerous reasons why this type of marketing has value for a business but we have named our top 3 below.

  1. Increase Brand Awareness
    The first part of every sales funnel is brand awareness. As without people knowing about your brand, how can they buy from you? As your target audience will most likely be spending more time on social media than they will on TV. Therefore Social Media is a great way to get your brand known without having to spend a ridiculous amount of money. It is true that a little bit of investment to boost your posts on Facebook will grease the wheels somewhat but you can also utilise your existing relationships to boost your brand awareness. It is also good practice to use relationships to help you with your social media presence. Such as those working for you, your clients, suppliers, friends and family. Once you have the foundations of an audience and you can encourage them to engage with your content, your audience should grow organically. Your brand will also be referred on and on by trusted sources.
  2. Build Relationships
    Social media is a two-way channel that allows you to directly interact with your customer. This allows you the opportunity to enrich your relationship with them, so why not take advantage of this? It also allows you to learn about your customer and get instant feedback. Thus, building a relationship that traditional advertising wouldn’t allow you to do. As well as allow you the opportunity to ensure your customers are satisfied. As it improves your customer service, as many use social media to ask brands questions and to easily find a solution to a problem that they are having. The brand or SME can then increase customer loyalty and to remain relevant. The first part of building a relationship is to stay in touch and with social media being the top choice for a customer care channel, why wouldn’t you utilise it?
  3. Increase Traffic
    You will be limiting your inbound traffic to your website to existing customers and those in the final stages of the buying process; if you do not use social media as a source of traffic. As long as you create the right piece of content, CTA and target the right audience, you will be able to attract people to your site even if they weren’t proactively looking for it.  For increasing traffic, Facebook is leading the way! Especially in the way it targets your posts to specific audiences. The amount of useful information Facebook has on its users is incredible. You can profile people using a variety of interests, demographics, and behaviours. It’s true that most platforms have a certain type of user base. For example, Snapchats user base would be younger and Pinterest’s would be more creative. However, the vast majority of people are on Facebook, even your Finance Directors. So don’t think you should keep your tax tips just for LinkedIn. Being on social media can also benefit your SEO by promoting your website content and encouraging inbound links. Social Media can be a direct and indirect source of traffic and should be intertwined into your overall SEO strategy. It’s no longer good enough to use the various Online Marketing tools separately. The website, SEO, Content, Social Media and Email should all be working in sync. It is also beneficial to stay ahead of your competitors. So you need to know where they are in comparison to yourself. You can do this in various ways on social media but there are a few listed here.
To learn more about social media marketing why not get into contact with us about our pricing and what we can do for your SME on social media?