The Top 5 Social Media Tools You Need to be Using!


If you are a business that wants to get serious about social media then there are a number of tools you can use to help you schedule and manage the process. We have listed the top 5 social media tools that we think you should be using. We believe these tools can take your social media strategy from OK to slay!

  • Hootsuite
    If you are sick and tired of having to go onto separate platforms to post your content then Hootsuite can help. You are able to control your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, WordPress and even Youtube, all in the same place. This includes viewing streams from all these social network platforms, the ability to post updates and reply directly. This is as well as being able to generate reports for each of the platforms, which can also be customised. However, there is a fee if you want to put more than three social media platforms onto the tool or if you want a number of reports. But for the convenience, it’s definitely worth the cost. And with a reported 10 million total users, we aren’t the only ones who think so.


  • Canva
    If you want to create branded images or customise a certain image then Canva is the best site to go to. This social media tool has several templates that are a variety of dimensions. Even allowing you to make a collage, social media headers, infographics and so much more. The free tool is really easy to use and makes making a branded image child’s play.


  • Tweetdeck
    It can be a real pain to have a number of Twitter accounts or to be able to stay afloat of all the goings-on on the platform. This is where Tweetdeck can help. It allows you to be in control of all of your accounts, from the notifications, scheduling of tweets, to your home feed, as well as easily allowing you to see who is following you back and even allows you to track a certain hashtag. The best thing is that you can adapt it to suit your specifications and it costs nothing.


  • Buzzsumo
    This tool is a little different to the others that have been mentioned thus far. As it allows you to zoom in on what content works best for any topic or competitor. The results can then be used to give you ideas for blog posts and social media. Allowing for targeted data that is sure to get people engaging.


  • Dasheroo
    In order to progress your social media strategy, you need to learn and develop your platforms. A good way of doing this is by looking at what is working and continue doing that and looking at what isn’t working and altering that. This would be done through analytics and one of the best social media tools that allows you to do this is Dasheroo. This is a business dashboard tool that focuses on social media KPIs. It is easy to use and gathers your business data automatically.


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