A common misconception with social media marketing is the idea that Facebook and Twitter followers sharing your content is everything, and that is that. Sharing is important for social media marketing, but it is actually of secondary importance. One primary key element in all your efforts of social media marketing, if missing, could be affecting all of your efforts, causing them to fall before they have reached the hurdle.

At Strategy Plus, we design and build websites in and around Birmingham for businesses of very different sizes across many different sectors. So it may come as a surprise that we're suggesting your business might not need one. You might be a bit confused given that setting up a website is often one of the first things you're advised to do. But there are a number of reasons why having a website built might not be the best investment in the short term.

There's ongoing debate in the digital marketing sector about whether using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter helps your business to rank organically in Google. Every year, Moz asks marketing experts what they think the most important SEO rankings factors are. And, every year, more and more experts suggest that social signals play a part. So, if you have a lot of followers, if people are sharing your content across multiple social networks, and if you have a presence across these many different channels, does it benefit your rankings?

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Should you have a blog?

It seems that everyone and their mother has a blog these days but there is a vast difference between those that use their blog as a hobby and those that use it for business. When it is used for a company it can help support your search engine optimisation (SEO), make a website more personable, as well as add a hint of personality, adding credibility and giving a source of answers for a potential client.