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Having started my own personal blog (December 2016) with such vigour, full of excitement and motivation. Then the Christmas break, house move,  New Year and two new starters came along, where was I going to find the time to continue what I had started?

Well, I had to make time. I had to practise what I preached and what I know works. Too many times businesses become impatient and want to see results within 6 months.

I know this from taking over Strategy Plus in 2012 from my father, the best salesman in the West, by the way. I had to turn the business on its head in terms of how we generated new sales. No longer did we want to cold call or walk up and down exhibition halls touting for business.

Within 12 months of incorporating a full Inbound Marketing philosophy and process, our sales process change from generating leads to converting them. If your sales team spent time converting inbound leads, rather than generating them, they will be far more cost effective.

After 4 years of mastering the Inbound Marketing process for both ourselves and our clients, I thought I should try it out on myself and my own brand. The Americans are so much better at this than us Brits, we like to be a little more self-deprecating or at least downplay achievements.

The process of building my own personal brand started with a personal Twitter profile in December 2016 and then the blog. You might be thinking I should have done this years ago being in the Online marketing business, but I wasn’t a Twitter fan and often hid behind our company profile. This isn’t exciting and due to the fact I haven’t achieved my dreams just yet, it may not be inspirational, but hear it from a guy I respect, Gary Vaynerchuk…

Yes, it is a slow progress, but I can already see an uplift in followers, interaction and ultimately brand awareness. I have set my targets and sure they will be achieved by the end of this year. Currently 10 months on I have hit the 1000 organic follower mark, through genuine posts and interaction.

These targets will increase accordingly as the years go by and with a steady snowball affect. 10 years from now I want to semi-retire and work remotely from a beautiful place in the country. I will, because of the patience and persistence with my Inbound Marketing.

Too many people give up too soon because they think success should happen quicker. If you see progress is being made, stay strong, even if it hasn’t borne fruit just yet.  

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